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A letter to the reader!


I’m writing this letter because I can’t take this anymore, our relationship. This relationship we have started much before you were born, and will keep going until you die. And that’s why we need to talk. I’ve tried, I’ve sent you many signs, but you didn’t care about me.

Your behavior during these past years, months and days are worrying me. Your caring towards some essential needs to live has been a bit promiscuous, it seems you have lost control, prioritizing those momentaneous pleasures with lasting consequences.

I’m not here trying to become one more to judge you or determine a certain behavior. Therefore, I need to alert you! These people you’ve been following, that you’ve been taking as an example, they just want to lead you to the wrong path with all the miraculous solutions they try to sell, but they’re not telling you the whole truth. The truth is that you’ll be giving ME in exchange.

You got to understand that, to me, you’ll always be perfect, no matter what. I don’t care bout the color of your skin, your sexual orientation, religion or origin. My only worry is regarded to us, to our relationship. We’re not well, we need to improve.

I need you to CHANGE, for me and for you. Start by your choices, think more about me before you make a decision, remember that the years to come can still be many, but nothing is worth it if you don’t have me.


Your health.

By: Conscientious Training.

Treino Consciente

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